How to enable Developer Mode on all types of android

Developer Mode is a setting in which many features can change the system from Android. Maybe for some people, this feature is not important, but for those who know the ins and outs of android, this one feature is very useful for certain purposes.
Here are some of the functions or uses of the Developer Option:


1. Setting android rendering
2. Enable the USB Debugging feature
3. Knowing the number of touches
4. Creating a fake address
5. Improve sensitivity
6. Set animations and much more

However, on the operating system version Android 4.3 and above, this feature is intentionally hidden for some reason, so there is a special way to display it. Well, for those of you who are confused about how to activate Developer Options on Android, in this article the admin will explain a tutorial on bringing up the Developer Options feature on all smartphone brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, Huawei, Oppo, Lenovo, and others. how to enable developer mode on all types of android:


1. First Go to the settings menu
2. Then select or tap quickly on the Build number.
Until a message appears that developer mode is active.
3. After that go back to Settings or Settings.4. developer options will appear under the About Phone menu.


1. First go to the Settings menu.
2. Then select the About Phone menu. Usually placed at the bottom.
3. Next will appear a panel that displays various things. And look for the MIUI version.
4. Click on the menu 7 to 10 times quickly.
5. If you are successful, then developer options will appear in the Settings menu. To activate it, continue the next step.
6. Return to the Settings menu.
7. Select Additional Settings, scroll down and a Developer Options will appear.


1. First Go to the settings menu
2. Open About Phone
4. Then tap the Build Number 10 times, until the notification “you are now a developer!”
3. Go back to the Settings menu then open Developer Options


1. First Go to the settings menu.
2. then tap About Phone.
3. Search for the build version then tap 7 times in a row.
4. If successful, a notification will appear telling you that you have become a developer mode.
5. Now back to the Settings start menu.
6. Then select Additional settings then select Developer Options.


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